I get what you’re saying, but the problem is....
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Those idiots are gonna put someone else in jeopardy when they get into trouble that, unfortunately, doesn’t kill them outright, and now they need to be rescued. So they’ll now expect someone else to risk THEIR life, because it’s their job, to come and save their dumb asses.

I couldn’t give a shit if those guys wanna drown themselves kayaking a low viscosity mudslide.

But it’d be real fucked up if a boy had to grow up without a father, because Dad was a fireman, and got the call one afternoon to go rescue some retard who was out there on the river “living” his life, and died trying to save that retard.

I know, I know.... those guys know the job has risks. But there’s reasonable risks that come with ordinary things in life, and there’s stupid fucking risks, that shouldn’t ever come at all, were it not for idiots doing idiot shit.

I guess I just look at things from the perspective of the people that have to risk their safety rescuing people who have no regard for their own lives, or the people they beg to help them when they realize they’ve done fucked up.

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