so a “review” of an “off-road” truck starts with how the grill look *Link*

Utter gheyness. That dude oughta be dragged behind it for a mile or two for not knowing shit about off-roading.

Looking at that heavy, small-tire’d fucker, I can see a whole shit ton of problems:

horrible approach angle because of the low front bumper-air damn thingy

horrible break-over angle from those stupid running boards and full door crew cab

horrible departure angle from too-long bed

horrible ground clearance from ridiculously small sidewalled tires

horrible traction and low inflation bead retention from ridiculously small sidewalled tires

overweight by probably at LEAST 1,500 lbs

total absence of smooth underbody skid plating, so it will hang in dozens of places and scoop dirt like a road grader until it high centers

Not that ANY of this stuff even matters, because exactly ZERO of those things will ever be used off-road anyway. Just like the guy doing the review, who starts talking about how “intimidating” the grill is..... it’s all fake. At least it has good tow hooks. Provided you have a tracked loader on-hand to pull that heavy fucker out every few minutes.

Wanna know what a REAL off-road capable GM truck looks like? Click the link.

That’s what a truck with ACTUAL off-road capability looks like. Good approach, departure and breakover angles. Short wheelbase. Short rear overhang. Tires appropriately sized for function. Sufficient ground clearance. Relatively light weight.

This is what a real 4x4 looks like.

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