Actually, if they are experienced white water kayakers....

...then the current, waves, etc., are not really an issue for them, other than that these are unknown hydraulics that would not be shown in any guides. For example, all rapids on the Deschutes River are well mapped. It's actually milder than running some parts of the Colorado River, which can be this muddy.

What is an issue is all the debris in the river. That's a big problem, and because some may be submerged in muddy water, it may not be seen until it pops up right in front of them.

There has been a helluva lot of flooding in and east of Pendleton, up the canyon where the UP mainline runs, and at the I-84 & I-82 interchange south of Umatilla/Hermiston.

What I've not seen or heard about is flooding along the old highway that runs from Reith to Echo, nor in Stanfield or parts of Hermiston or Umatilla.

Also wondering if I-84 is open again?

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