A little closer to home....

A lot of Japanese families owned farms in Oregon, especially in the Hood River valley and in the outlying areas of Portlandia.

Pearl Harbor happens and Japanese-Americans get rounded up.

A fortunate few owned their land free and clear, and were able to lease it out or contract for picking pears, apples, berries, etc., and getting them to market, which paid for the taxes, etc.

A good many of them had mortgaged property and were not able to pay for it. The property was repossessed and they lost it.

Reagan signed a reparations bill into law that resulted in those living today who were interned in camps receiving a paltry $20,000 each and an apology from the government.

Sadly, for many, that was a drop in the bucket compared to the land they lost.

Importantly, reparations were paid ONLY to those who were actually interned in the camps. Just as slave reparations should be paid only to those who were slaves, or be paid by those who owned slaves. Since no one living today fits that criteria, the issue of reparations for slavery should be null and void. Any reparations made under such pretext to non-slaves are simply vote buying and stealing from those who are not responsible.

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