Coming to get those suppressors *Link* *Pic*

They will soon be illegal - and a quick records check will determine where every one of them is supposed to be. Better have them gone and substantiating paperwork that can be verified - or its the iron bar hotel for you. There will be plenty of room because our criminal justice reform efforts (to come) will have us releasing many violent offenders back into the Commonwealth. The hope is that they use firearms to commit much murder and mayhem to assist in accelerating our goal of banning guns entirely in the state. The fear of gun crime for average Virginians will spur them to vote to ensure gun control is always a big priority here in Richmond. Oh, those P-mags being unloaded? Good idea. No sense wearing out springs in them since they aren't going to be used anytime soon. We'll be coming for those soon enough. Please notice how the State Police are not commenting on the issue just yet. What they are saying is that they will enforce the laws being passed. In fact, they are salivating at the thought. They can envision all the new toys they are going to get to handpick from at each and every confiscation raid. Year 'round Christmas is what they're saying. Anything over 12 rounds means everything firearm related becomes the property of the state. Raid officers do the inventory - so it's going to be like the trains arriving at Auschwitz. The police are going to be shopping. Sanctioned by State law. Signed by me.

Because I am the Coonman and I hold all the cards.

Oh, look, they're going shopping!

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