taking fam unit to Greece this summer. need cc/flight choice recs.C inside

gonna drop a shitpile on plane tix alone for our crew of 4.
2 B class tix and 2 prem. eco.

wondering if any cc's are worth signing up for perks- stuff like free bags, upgrades, esp good useful points, airport lounges- that sort of thing.

I've hit the major sites looking around but if you have any specific recs' bring 'em on.

ditto for sites searching for pair of B class tix and pair of econ plus flights.

we have a travel agent working on it as well but i trust nobody and feel the need to independently eval myself.

any recs you have on Int travel in these regards I'd appreciate as i have the feeling of imminent wallet biopsy headed my way. I know I'm gonna get screwed/not maximize the situation despite spending mega bucks...just for the flights.


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