There is some standing to the argument.

Look at it this way. If your father robbed a bank, two days later he died and leaves you the money in his estate, then two weeks later they figured out the money wasn't his, should you be allowed to keep the stolen money, just because YOU didn't steal it?
Pretty much the argument is... If you are some rich fxcker who got your fortune because your great granddad owned slaves and stole the fruits of their labor, YOUR fortune really doesn't belong to YOU. It belongs to the slaves your great grandfather exploited.
I have no fxcking clue how liberals decided TAXPAYERS should pay the reparations, unless it was the scumbag liberals who were left slaver fortunes by their relatives that started the movement to protect themselves from having to pay reparations out of their ill-gotten fortunes.
Not saying I agree or disagree with any of it, just saying that's the premise for the argument.
I mean at some point in history EVERYBODY'S family got fxcked by someone. At some point you just gotta let it go.

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