California Man Hunts Down Alleged Hit-And-Run Driver That Killed his Wife

A grief-stricken husband who made it his mission to track down the driver who hit and killed his wife and the mother of their eight children, may have led police to the 85-year-old suspect who was arrested last week, authorities said.

Brenda Richardson was riding her motorcycle on River Road in Corona on Wednesday when she was struck and by a white Lexus and thrown 30 feel off her motorcycle. She was taken to a local hospital where she died of her injuries on Thursday.

Rod Richardson, Brenda's husband, told KNBC-TV that the grief he felt after suddenly losing his wife was "overwhelming."

Feeling as if he needed to do something, Rod went looking for the white Lexus that'd taken off after the accident. Eventually he ended up at the intersection where the hit-and-run occurred. That's when he noticed the entrance to a gated community and had a gut feeling he should investigate.

"Something was on my heart, tugging me, saying you need to go in," Rod Richardson told the outlet.

The moment he got into the complex, he spotted the white Lexus with damage to its passenger side front door. He contacted Corona police, who came out to investigate.

According to a release from the Corona Police Department, the suspect's vehicle was located in the 900 block of Rebecca Way in Corona.

"While officers were investigating the car, they found the male driver, 85-year-old Tashiro Isa of Corona. Officers arrested Isa for felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter," the release said.

It wasn't known if the 85-year-old Corona resident has an attorney.

Rod says his wife Brenda worked for the decades with the Veteran's Administration in Long Beach. The family has started a GoFundMe account to help raise money for funeral expenses.

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