Keep up? It should smoke a lot of aircraft from a speed perspective
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They bolt so much crap on so many current Air Force aircraft that from a speed perspective the F-104 (particularly if slicked out) is still quite formidable. I think the Germans even looked at yanking the cannon and replacing it with additional fuel which would only help. In an actual fight though it would get its lunch handed to it in very short order.

I wonder what happened with that group that had 2 or 3 F-104s for an air show flight demo team... think they were called “Starfighters” or something like that. Would have been cool to see but I don’t know how it would be economically sustainable unless they were also using them for aggressor training or something that would bring in other money. There is a place down next to NOAA in Lakeland, FL that has a bunch of Migs and other jet warbirds for that purpose.

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