More aid for Africa. You pay for this. *Link*

Over a million collars for one country. See if you can detect the irony.

And the implementation. It's a cash cow for those who administrate it.

“The National Condom Strategy 2018-2022” report has a very detailed financial breakdown for implementation, which it lists at $1,043,000 for full implementation. The first section, Leadership, Coordination and Partnerships, accounts for $268,000. Supply and Commodity Security has an estimated cost of $81,000. Another $561,000 is designated for Demand, Access and Utilization. A total of $133,000 is earmarked for Program Support. This does NOT include any funds for additional condoms, which is where the $700,000 new US grant comes into play.

Over a million dollars to administer and distribute the condoms.

The $700,000 dollars for the condoms isn't included in the the "strategy".

The King increased his salary to 60 million a year. Over $150,000 a DAY.

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