At the link provided...

They even describe that the flooding from rains exacerbates the problems there.

Think about that for a minute.

If the lake was drying up because of climate change, wouldn't rains just occupy the parts of the lake basin that had dried up?

And with millions of available laborers, no one there has suggested digging parts of the supposed dried up lake basin deeper for increased water retention?

They complain of diminishing water resources, but when it DOES rain, a large portion of it spills out onto the landscape, wasted?

No one there is smart enough to build levees or canals to funnel the rain INTO the lake basin?

NO. They want to build a pipeline to pump water from hundreds of miles away at the cost of many billions of dollars - that they don't have. And never will.

So they can continue their fucked up hand to mouth existence while overpopulating the continent and stripping it's resources.

They want that money from the white man. Specifically, American ones.

This is the FSA at its finest. And the advocacy for you to write more and bigger checks to fund "justice" NOW isn't going to go away. It's too lucrative for those controlling the extorted monies.

2/3rds of the country are poverty stricken and struggle for food. Only 1 in 5 can barely read. The entire country produces nothing for the world and absolutely nothing for America. With a 3.5% population increase annually and the 4th largest birth rate in the world (largely subsidized by the United States), what do you think is the end of this? The result? Will they solve their problems and become self-sufficient? Or more likely, just keep insisting upon increasing aid to increase their quality of life at the expense of ours?

Oh, they also have the lowest life expectancy in the world. No one lives past 50 and 2/3 of their population is under 25.

The United States buys 90% of Chad's exports already. What more do we need to do?

Early on, Chad had schools everywhere. But Islamization had destroyed it by the 14th century. Chad has always been a warring nation, preying upon it's neighbors and was one of the largest participants in slavery.

They vehemently resist any suggestions at change in their culture or practices. To the point of violence.

We need to GTFO out of there and let them sort it out. Let them get the Europeans to help.

Or maybe the people of Chad might begin to help themselves.

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