More likely tired of a substinence existence. *Link* *Pic*

Breeding is the largest provable factor. Population. You have millions of people increasingly dependent upon a single lake in the middle of the desert - and more people being born every year. A lake with no inflowing tributaries that is entirely dependent upon rainfall. That is also the shallowest lake in the world.

Actual science shows the lake has not shrunk since 1990. 30 years of no measurable loss. But with a tributary canal construction plan costing tens of billions of dollars - the UN and 'climate change' organizations - and all who would profit from it's construction - are ignoring the true data.

Because money.

Terrorist groups now control all the area and have proven impossible to eliminate or drive off. Substinence farming practiced by blacks with no education or experience is always a recipe for starvation. Primitive irrigation efforts are wasting a lot of water, but they are more lucrative than hauling water, so the locals are fueling their own demise over the long run.

It's a shithole. They produce nothing and only breed and consume. So, food shortages. In come terrorist groups killing or recruiting the men - and you have tribal wars always looming with the neighboring countries. And internal violence. The terrorist organizations promise a job and food. And off the men go.

The ones leaving for the cities simply don't want to go back to the year 1100 AD. The cities have drugs, alcohol, prostitutes and are 'cool' compared to living in a thatched hut or dung burrow. There's running water, bathtubs and even toilets. And toilet paper. Entertainment. Refrigeration.

Lake Chad is seen as an opportunity by globalists for screaming climate change and increasing control while transferring a lot of wealth.

The United States has been, and is providing exhorbitant amounts of aid. Result? Even more breeding and a crisis growing even more quickly. There is no actual solving of the problem. When you feed them, you get more of them. And they become even less resourceful with each passing year. And more militant, entitled and convinced it must be the white man's fault. Even if he's 10,000 miles away and can't find Chad on a map. See the link. We are already WAY overinvolved there and overrepresented.

The girl in the video is a tool. A useful idiot. They taught her English. Not Chinese. Not Russian. Not Hindi. Or French or German or Spanish.

Because that's where they see the money is.

It's not 'climate change' causing or forcing these migrations. It's a lack of producing anything, being only consumers and being stupid enough to insist upon living in a desert with a single water source.

Chad has the FOURTH highest birth rate IN THE WORLD. The average family unit has 7-10 children. School must be paid for, so you have a 20% literacy rate. It's Muslim there, so women are essentially breeding stock. It is typical patriarchal barbarism. Insufferable as a culture. Insular. Pathetic.

Few hospitals. Birth control is forbidden by men. Punishment is severe. And much of the aid they receive is wasted. 100 ambulances donated have sat for years, rotting, behind their Ministry building. There is no money to run or maintain them. No place to take patients to. No communication infrastructure to know people need medical help. No roads passable and existing ones destroy the vehicles that have tried to operate in short order. No money to pay the drivers or paramedics, if they even existed.

None of this will be taught in schools or universities. That the plight of blacks worldwide is caused by blacks.

Chad is at the top of the list in markedly and provably demonstrating this. Which is why it is being seized upon by globalists and climate change protagonists. They HAVE to blame the white man, hobble him with financial burden, so that the breeding of more worthless non-producers can eventually break even his best attempts at maintaining the liberty and freedom to survive and thrive based upon his own merits and effort.

There are two different cultures - and they cannot coexist forever. Right now, a parasitic arrangement is established. But it always leads to violence. One culture must die.

And if you could get the globalists and climate change liars to tell the truth, they've already picked the host as the one that must be taken out.

And if the girl in the video was honest, she wants white men's money to pay for everything her people are screwing up.

And have been since the first spark of civilization.

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