I would like to see how many Ds voted for Trump

How many Ds went to the primaries and voted for Trump, thinking he would be the easiest person to beat? The Primaries were a fore-gone conclusion that Hillary would win.. Everyone knew Bernie had no chance, and Jim Webb was getting pressured by the party to drop out. The Ds did not need primary voters for Hillary, they needed primary voters to get Trump as the R nominee, because he was a clown, a buffoon, a rube, a cad, a womanizer, an out-of-touch billionaire, and Hillary would handily beat him is a land slide not seen since 1964. The Media propped up Trump for that reason

But what happened? The Ds got their wish, and it bit them in the butt. Ha ha ha.
For that reason, I do not like crossing party lines to screw with elections.

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