Agreed. I am not fooled by Tulsi

If she were the VP, Trump would be assassinated or framed and impeached. The Ds would love to have her in the White House. At least with Pence, the Ds realize that if Trump is gone, then they have to deal with a so-called, ultra conservative. So they are not really all that anxious to have Trump impeached and removed. The Impeachment was all a show to try and tarnish him, not remove him.
Why do you think 0bama had crazy Joe Biden as his VP? No one wanted to see Biden as President, so they protected 0bama.

But Gabbard is a gun-grabber, big government, reparations-loving Liberal. I think the whole Hillary calling her a Russian asset deal was a scam to get her some sympathy and jack her up in the polls.

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