only saw one TV crew inside, from the CBS local in DC

There were a couple of other video crews, but based on their equipment they were clearly campaign staff production crew, not newsies.

I got there about 6:15, and there was already a very large crowd in scene outside, so I don’t know if the CBS local photog shot any of the protestors outside before I arrived. I know he didn’t the whole time I was there. And I think he left by the rear door, because he never came out the front, yet disappeared after it was over.

Frankly, it’s sort of irrelevant whether it got tv coverage or not. It got brazillions of photos and tweets and social videos by the people in attendance, and it will reach a much greater audience through that means than it ever would in a 30 second blurb in a weekend 11pm newscast.

The thing to note, and the takeaway message here regarding the protest, is that it forced Bloomberg to sneak out the back door of his own fucking campaign office only 2 miles from DC. He had to sneak out the back door like a Preacher trying to sneak out of a whorehouse.

That’s the takeaway. That he was denied being able to leave through the front door like a man with nothing to be ashamed of.

That’s a BIG fucking WIN.

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