So who do I vote for?

Definitely Trump in the National but I want to cross party lines and vote in the democrat party primary just like those asshole dems did in 2016. Luckily, they thought Trump was easily defeated by the smartest woman in the world[snort]

So who is the dumbest, egotist, POS in the democrat lineup?

All that fits biden but voter fraud could pull it off.
Warren is a moron but as a woman, she might draw in the women's vote on both sides.
Buttplug might draw in the young but not the minorities but I don't want him that close to the presidency. The next one might not be as retarded.
Sanders? Again, too close to the presidency and the FSA might just be motivated and Gabbard might be the VP candidate. She's the only one who frightened me. Sanders does one term and it's Gabbard vs Pence. Might as well call that election now.
Yang? Smart guy. No controversies. Makes some sort of sense. I don't want to do the dems any favors.
Bloomberg. No #$%$$%%^##@^&&%$$(^%$%^$ way would I vote for that for any reason at all.

Thoughts? Flip a coin? Vote for Biden and watch trump tear him to pieces. MMMMMM

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