it's pretty hard to find the meaning of...

a "lying dog faced pony soldier". Purportedly, it came from a John Wayne movie but it's hard to google for that phrase at the moment. The best I found was it was a term used to described an indian serving as a scout for the cavalry. I'm assuming, but don't really know, that those dirty injuns were third-class citizens and not trusted despite their role.

So... on the one-hand, Biden references some antiquated phrase that nobody gets. And it's not the first time he has used this phrase. Can you imagine him saying something like this to Putin because that's his (Biden's) view of what a tough guy sounds like? On the other hand, it just sounds like a demeaning statement to issue to a young lady. "Dog faced"? Good Lord, did he just call her a dyke on national tv? I'm surprised the women's groups and the left aren't losing their shit right this second. And calling your constituent a liar? Sure is a stupid way to secure that vote. Let's not forget that the woman that asked the question was at a Biden rally. It's not like he had to work all that hard to convert her. Good luck with that now.

Any pony solider? Good Lord, that translation is lost in time. Do we really want some guy in the highest office in the land that believes that idioms from the 40s are relatively today?

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