Back in the day

lots of my friends had them, but my parents wouldn't let me have one as they were "too dangerous". Most of the kids had them to ride back and forth to school practices so the parents didn't have to take them. In Indiana they had to have pedals and be less than 49ccs to be 'legal' and maybe have a design speed of less than 25mph. I seem to remember Batavia brand was pretty popular. You could ride one about 100' before you got tired of pedaling if you ran out of gas. A buddy had a Honda (I think) that had pedals that locked into place as foot pegs and I think it had an electric start. Thought was if PoPo stopped you you could show that the pedals worked.

Neighbor guy worked as a trim carpenter and rode a moped year round (snow and all) after he got his 3rd or 4th DUI. He made (out of wood) a windshield and wore a snowsuit has he rode off to work. You could see the skid marks in the snow as he put his feet down as outriggers.

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