Running ones used to go for $100-$200.

I have a couple old Sprees and an old moped that have been sitting around for many years. Like anything else, unless you start them up and drive them regularly they stop working. We didn't ride them enough to keep them running, and every time the crabs get dunked up with shxt it's an ordeal to get them running again. Batteries rarely last a year, and they are expensive. The mopeds you can pedal-start, but it takes a lot out of you.
You would be far better off with a big boy bike. Mopeds and scooters usually have a top speed of less than 30 miles an hour unless you buy a scooter that has an engine over 50cc, which at that point classifies as a motorcycle. Most places do not allow mopeds anywhere but the street, so you can't take them on bike paths, so again, what's the point? Buy a motorcycle at least you can keep up with traffic and not piss everyone off.
I had a couple friends a long time ago and we used to take our scooters through the parks and bike paths, and in the skate parks at 2 am. It's illegal as shxt, and we had to run from the cops several times. Helps to have an escape plan.
If you have an electric scooter, you can sometimes get away with calling it a "mobility scooter" on the bike paths. Be prepared to fight a ticket in court and you better have a Doctor's note when you do it.

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