True Story Time- Safari Moped edition

Back in around 1976 my Dad bought my little brother a new Safari Moped. These were the bomb at the time as they could do an honest 45mph on flat streets. After a few months use my Lil Bro got curious how that $600 moped worked and began to tear it apart. Now I raced dirtbikes and wrenched them all the time. I was a pretty good mechanic but my brother had and has almost zero mechanical aptitude. What he did have at the time was always used for evil and destructive schemes involving my personal property. he broke or destroyed almost everything I owned back then. Well I thoroughly enjoyed his comeuppance when Dad saw the newly broke in engine deposited into two peach baskets. He blasted him but good and was not happy when the bill to put Humpty Dumpty back together again at $1,000 cost more than new! Good times.

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