I don’t want the guys who are always trying to mothball the A-10

To be in charge of creating the USSF. That’s a sure fire recipe for a goatfuck. And I say this as a USAF guy myself.

Because if you let the Air Force fighter mafia run it, they’ll immediately start calling their former wingmen at Lockheed Martin and Boeing and telling them to go ahead and buy that beach house they’ve been eyeing, because they were about to be getting handed a contract to build a T-65 X Wing fighter. Fuck hardening up earth-space comm systems. Fuck anti satellite capabilities. Fuck low cost rapid orbital delivery. Fuck establishing a continuous presence on the moon...Fuck all that stuff - let’s just build us some space fighters!

That’s what you’re going to get if you let the guys who are constantly trying to kill the A10 run the Space Force. If it’s not a fighter program they can award to their friends at defense contractors where they’ll work after they retire, they don’t care about it

Let the Navy build the Space Force. The Navy understands the big picture.

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