Stranger Things

I don't know how many missed it the first time but this is really a treasure of a show. The acting and the effort put into this is amazing. I might be living in a bubble and maybe I missed some good show but I really appreciate the little movements, the eye contact, the tiny things that make it believable. Just like any tv show or movie there must be something that is the carrot that drags people into the show whether it's romance, zombies, monsters or some sort of hook that draws you in. Too many directors just want to get it over, put the product out there for stupid kids and let it go. They even mention where the kids are expected to be stupid kids.

So yes, it's about monsters and strange stuff but you can look beyond that and see something special.

Don't go looking for the bad guys and the good guys. It's way beyond that. Just a bunch of people in a small town trying to deal.

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