Cool international military aviation blogsite I found recently *Link*

If you’re into military aviation - like into it beyond the typical US mil aircraft - this is a pretty cool blog I stumbled across a few weeks ago.

I think it’s run by an Indian chap, who’s always panhandling for donations in Euros and Pounds Sterling. If he ever gets around to doing some website traffic analytics (WTF, he’s Indian, shoulda been doing that already!) and asking for some actual Dollars, maybe I’ll kick him a few bucks.

But he’s clearly a devoted Wingnut, and he offers a lot of in-depth articles on military aircraft past and present beyond the typical popular ones. I really don’t need to read one more thing about the F18 or P51, ya know? But an in depth write up on a Bristol Bravizon? Weird concept versions of the F4 Phantom with swing wings? The Mitsubishi F2? An interview with a guy with 20,000 hrs in MiG 27s? Insane concept aircraft that mercifully never got built? Yep, I’ll read that shit twice.

Kinda reminds me of a Jalopnik for international military aircraft, I guess.

Anyways, figured I’d pass it along. If you’re a Wingnut, it’s worth your time.

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