Found a video on utube highliting the key differences....

The three major most readily available cuts today are the Theatrical Release(with voice over and cliche’d ending), the Directors cut, and the Final cut. There are at least 7 available, all told.

I hate the voiceover shit, and the final cut was just the directors cut remastered for todays viewing, with some added blood and gore, showing more of the nail going thru battys hand etc. and some more green hue’s in color of the filming, over the blue hues of the directors cut.

I’m happy that it’s the Final Cut i saw and i have come to conclusions.

Decker was a replicant. And the Final Cut is best cut.

Now i have to rewatch Blade Runner 2049 to grasp the whole picture and put all this shit to bed. Omce i rewatch 2049, i doubt i’ll watch them again.

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