BP, was Decker a replicant in your eyes?

So I just finished watching a video by ‘The Take’ on youtube analyzing wether Decker is a replicant or not called “Blade Runner explained, is Decker or a replicant?’ There conclusion seems to be that he was in fact a replicant. Also, in the video it shows an interview with Ridley Scott in 2010 claiming that Decker was a replicant. However it also shows a video of Harrison Ford claiming that he discussed the issue with Ridley Scott and he resisted the idea altogether.

There was one scene in particular that the video highlighted which shows deckers eyes glowing along with Sean Youngs’ at his apartment. The glow is much dumber than hers however it’s clearly there.

The video by ‘The Take’ also briefly touches on the several different cuts of the movie available over the years. I’ll be honest, I fucking hate that there are several different cuts available. It’s like ridley Scott decided ‘fuck this shit I changed my mind’.

I’m gonna see if I can find a youtube vid that plays all the differences in each of cuts all together and simply make up my own mind which cut i’m going with.

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