Once I heard Shenzhen was closed,

I knew the public health crisis had become an economic crisis. When only one in tens of thousands of Chinese have been infected, closure through February 17 is nothing. With new infections every day and possible asymptomatic transmission, I don't expect the spread to stop for months. Soon it will be time for China to decide if they allow themselves to become destitute from cessation of commerce or if they throw in the towel on trying to stop the virus and ensure a widespread pandemic. Either way, the Communists will have a very negative outcome and be under a huge amount of pressure, as the articles about Chinese law professors speaking out that I have posted indicate.

As supply lines start to be affected, look for MaoMart to become NoMart, with many items unavailable. It will show us what we buy that is truly MAGA made-in-America and what is made-in-USA-from-foreign-components. The Dems will tell disappointed MaoMart shoppers to vote for them, so Trump will have to 4D this situation, too, even though it came about solely through ChiCom complacency.

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