Hi all, this is the kind of thing.... *Link*

...been fearing for a while.

This bozo showed just how much damage can be done and how fast.

How long before some idiot hajji trys the same stunt here with an AK?
An express ticket to paradise for those who try.

When I came home from my first Iraq trip, had a reason to visit a mall in West Palm Beach Fla.
Remember walking around and looking at people and things.
The happy citizens doing their Christmas shopping, the strack mall security.
White shirts, black hats, gold braid, armed with a whistle.

We joke about bringing a knife to a gun fight.
Yeah, that whistle is going to do a lot of good.
Have it make a noise with your last breath, assuming the lungs are still there.

Real life stand up targets.
Have been to very few malls since, they make me twitch.

The one near here is Lynnhaven mall.
Mall management is working very hard not to be a dump.
They fund their security crew.
Have the security units frequency in the radio. Security group is sharp and professional.
And un armed.

There are stickers on the doors advising people that carrying firearms is not in the rules there.

To our sorrow, we know that 'gun free zones' are also 'free fire zones'.

That joker in Thailand just tripped the clock, now it's a matter of time before we see carnage again.

Jack Crow

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