55, Brooklyn. Early coal burner. *Pic*

Looks like a chimp.

Most recently, she showed up at Harvey Weinstein's trial.

"Prosecutors want to call Perez, 55, to the stand to bolster the testimony of Annabella Sciorra, “The Sopranos” actress who testified Thursday that Weinstein raped her in 1993 or 1994."

Of course, neither said anything THEN. They both figured money and fame were more important. Weinstein is a scumbag, of course. But isn't it amazing how many Hollywood women (and some men - because of the gay and pedophilia) accepted that jobs for sex was doable...until decades later. In Anabella's case, 27-28 years later. Anabella, back then, swore Rosie to secrecy because she said Weinstein, "will ruin my career".

$20 is $20.

And Rosie accepted that early.

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