I dunno.... unless he does it himself

Sure the guy could just off himself but if he has made it this long it has all the makings of a long drawn out affair if they don’t have him cornered more than just “in the mall.” There is a very interesting book “The Siege of Mecca” about the seizure of Mecca in 1979 by Islamic militants. Even back then Mecca was a huge complex with all kinds of corridors and various rooms, kinda like what you might have in a shopping mall. The Saudis had to bring in outside talent to take it back and even then it was a big mess with people hiding out. One guy with a big mall has a million different places to hide. He has put in the effort to get this far so it will be interesting to see how much further he planned this out. Seems unlikely he gets out of this alive but it seems like it could drag on a while.

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