Movie Review: Birds of Prey

If you're one of the four people who thought "Suicide Squad" was a good movie you might enjoy this movie. Otherwise, make yourself a dentist appointment, refuse the novocaine, and get your teeth drilled instead.
Margo Robbie was put into loose fitting clothes for this installment because she apparently chunked up and no longer fits the sexy costume. So if you think you're going to see this to rub your junk on the popcorn tub, you'll be sorely disappointed.
Story line was just awful, zero character development, and the story just slogs along and Harley has to explain what's going on all through the movie as it jumps around. At one point there is even a fourth wall break which makes little sense, and does not add humor to the story.
Fight scenes are convoluted and unbelievable. One of the girls shxts out a genuine superpower near the end and nobody is surprised in the least. Even less believable is the "normal" girls seem to be immune, and the bad guys get tore up by it.
There is NOTHING new playing this week and this is the heavy hitter. This movie is going straight to the $4.99 bin at the local car wash.
I recommend mising this and maybe seeing it as a rental if you think you must.

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