Why would i see 2.8v a/c on a circuit w/breaker off?

Replaced old non gfci outlets today in the kitchen with new gfci outlets. After removing the outlet, there were two sets of romex. Wanting to know which was the feeder and which went to the next outlet, i first metered the wires, then turned the breaker off. Upon measuring again before installing the new gfci outlet, the feeder still had 2.8v on it. It would waiver between 2.5-2.8, but mostly cause i wasn’t exactly clamped onto the wire, just lightly touching.

My main panel was a Murray from 1971 when the house was built, replaced by my electrician brother in law to a Square D QO panel with obviously all new breakers in 2013.

Before i go diggin, and makin phone calls, can anyone make sense of this?

The voltage was found between hot and neutral, and hot and ground. Nothing between ground and neutral.


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