Red thanks for the kind words...

...was getting tired of having to reach into the meter body to push in the switch stems.

This works.
So many of us tend to nit pick results.

I have learned a 97% answer is usually good enough.

There is no product that is perfect and I will never hit that mark, so why have ulcers over it?

For example, these are about .25 to .5 mm too wide.
So rather than re print the parts, I used some sandpaper to cut them down slightly.

Don't need to radius the leading edge, too much work and would leave a weak spot on the top of the switch cap.
There is a limit as to how much strength one is going to get out of plastic filaments vs injection molded parts.
Not going to try and color match them either, basic black is good.

Did print them as 'solid' as in no internal air. In 3D printing there is a matrix of internal voids that can be adjusted as very sparse solid.
So for things that only have to look good, I print them at about 30% fill. These switch caps are printed at 100% for maximum stiffness.
Think four of them took a good 30 min, since these are small parts made with a .4mm extruder or print nozzle.

Like we used to say 'good enough for government work'.

Today was note worthy for another reason.
Had not needed a 'paper printer' for a long time now.
Until recently. That is a long story for another day.

Got a free small hp laser printer from a radio club bud who had it as surplus.
Even dropped off a free package of paper to go with it.

The cartridge refills are cheap, less than $20 each.

Good day so far.

Jack Crow

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