Just because you can... *Pic*

Hi all,
You know how humans get attached to items.
For some of us it's a vehicle, gun, or items as simple as a pocket knife.
A tool you might have had for years, no longer state of the art but have some kind of attachment towards.

I feel that way about an old but good Fluke meter an 8060A.

Plastics get old as well, and when the button caps start deteriorating, can be either hard to find, or expensive, as in ordering from Fluke assuming they still carry the part. I did get the meter in the mid 80's.

Dawned on me, have this 3D printer here, why not use one of the surviving button caps as a sample and make some aesthetically poor but functional replacements. They work, just look clunky.

This works.

Did the same thing for a USB key pad that the zero button got knocked off of.

Next time I take down the Sencore Powerite, need to make a replacement button cap for that as well.

This could become a side business.

Be well all.
Jack Crow

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