Working on a new voter block *Link*

Up to 300,000 new undetectable clandestine voters for the current regime! The numbers alone far overshadow the anemic numbers showing up in Richmond at my Castle to groan and snivel. And licensing them as citizens will draw more! This demographic shift is just like Democrat leadership said it would be! Those old boomers and their guns are spent. Finished. Note how their resistance has faded. They know they are beaten. They know if they stir they will be red flagged and will have their bones picked clean by the courts. That's when we'll find those illegal P-mags and get to confiscate everything and put them on the treadmill of losing their rights completely. Hey, it's not like they used them, right? Look at the voting numbers. They didn't care. It's a brilliant plan, you know. Suspending their little Constitution and showing how puny they are. See how the VCDL flails in futility? Did the NRA issue another sternly worded patriotic letter? Where is your Wayne, now? Asking people to take surveys (as if the NRA gives a fuck about your opinion) as a cover to ask for more MONEY. His face is all over it! His audacity is amazing. He should be ashamed and resign. He won't. He knows the rubes that support the NRA are going to dig deeper to fund his exhorbitant salary and million dollar a year retirement. How funny. Bloomberg spent a few million dollars - and you know what he did?

He gave me all the cards.