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What I really want to know is how the Tyrell fit into the halo and which writers weaved that In.
The halo novels is an extensive collection of story's. And is one of the main plot types connecting
Halo with the alien predator forerunner sci fi myth .
This whole expanse of inter connected plot theory spans all the halo books all the predator alien blade runner
Product if you lay it all out once you finish reading all the books. It reveals a massive human joined
Cognitive thought process. And other than the people that created the movies the books alone
Have been written by maybe more than a dozen different authors.
When I found several years ago how all the movies and books from different starting points .
All had enough shared uniqueness. I told myself this has a different nonterestral
Intuition is something that god really likes to connect to mankind's creative needs to send
Us all messages. That's how he talks to mankind.

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