Alien vs Predator
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It was actually a comic series by Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse bought the rights to most of the major movie franchises at the time. Alien, Predator, Terminator....etc. They then had a lot of crossovers between the various characters.

My favorite story in that line was about a Japanese mega tech Corp owner who had formed a Predator hunter commando squad. As the story goes on you end up finding out he is hundreds of years old. Had been a samurai. Fought a Predator and killed it. Ate it's heart and gained a lengthened life. He took the Predators ship and gear and as technology advanced used the Predator tech to fuel the ideas and finances of his company. As for the Predator hunters...he formed the squad as the extended life was wearing off and he wanted another heart to eat.

I loved the vast majority of the Dark Horse Alien/Predator/Terminator stuff but that one shot story was iconic to me.

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