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There are several sci fi movies connected to one universe. Fallow the name weyland- yutani Corp.
This connects the alien and predator .movies plus blade runner and the halo franchise.
The forerunners in alien predator and the weyland Tyrell merged corps are all the same.
This also connects the chronicles of riddick .
The alien in the movie where the women scientist takes the alien ship back to origin. They talked to the forerunner
In those scenes.
Btw you have a fan bases full of geniuses working on this stuff constantly.
I personally think that the movie district 9 is also based on the forerunner frame work.
The key to all of this is the forerunners. Why? Because at the end the UN guy in district 9 movie turns into
And alien. And if any of you been following the thread stitching thru all the movies and the games

That right there is in all the movies. The movie alien predator down in the south pole
That chick becomes a predator in a follow up novel.

Pretty cool if you ask me . Interesting enough is I dont believe at first the creators of those movies saw
The connections . The fan base is what made a big deal out of it.

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