Films like Blade Runner...

Films like Blade Runner aren't so much as science-fiction, or action films, but films of social commentary
and must be interpreted within the frame work of the events of their time.


In the 1970s, films were more concerned with a dystopian future. Zardoz. Roller Ball, Logan's Run,
Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, Mad Max, etc. These films made a social statement. To watch
Blade Runner and think that it's a movie about a guy killing a few androids (replicants) is to evaluate
the story outside the issues of the day. Blade Runner extrapolated the cultural mix of (then) Los Angeles
and projected what its potential future might look like, as well as the effects of the growth of technology.

One reason the film is considered a masterpiece is because no other film, with the special effects available
at the time, had done so well, or touched on social issues of the day. This is one reason that re-making,
or re-booting these iconic films fail so miserably.

Hollyweird already fucked up Blade Runner, Roller Ball, and Planet of the Apes. It's only a matter of
time before they eviscerate Logan's Run. I think Zardoz is a bit too cerebral to be remade; it's more
likely a sequel "Fury Road II - The return of Furiosa" will be produced.

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