Sitting down to watch ‘Blade Runner’ in full first time, Netflix. Comme

Let’s turn this whole thread into a Blade Runner discussion, shall we?

So Blade Runner is on Netflix, just found it. The original. (The final cut)

I’m 42. I have thru the years managed to watch *most* of it in one sitting. I only remember parts. As much of a sci fi guy as i am, this movie either slipped thru the cracks to me, or when it was on, it didn’t really interest me much. It was before my time, as i was only at most 5 years old when it premiered. I’m sure that has a lot to do with this.

Other sites, and mostly here, there are die hard Blade Runner fans (i think BP may be one). For some reason, i don’t have that feeling others do when ‘Blade Runner’ is mentioned. It was always a ‘meh’ movie for me. I always only caught pieces of it on cable as a kid. So here i am, with a free Friday evening. I’m starting Blade Runner, The Final Cut. Gonna watch it from 00h00m to the end.

The first feeling i get is comical in nature. I’m at 2min57sec , and the date comes up...


3 months ago..

Wish me luck.

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