I watched his ass being frog marched off the premises w/ 1/2 dozen escorts

today. Of course you can't find that clip on youtube because they along with all the other fucking commie censors know what's really going on out there in the real world does not fit their narrative at all. After what that cocksucker did to Trump do you really think the God Emperor would have that traitorous piece of shit reassigned? The whole damn crew of shitty pants I mean every single motherfucker that participated in this sham monkey fucking football circus needs to be hanged publicly for treason and have their guts strung on a chain link fence. These cockbreathed loathsome ass clowns think Trump is a fascist let's give it to them let's put some boots to some necks and some rifle butts to some teeth. Let's put them all on notice let's bring back necklaces of human ears, start sniping fingers off with garden shears make lampshades if need be. I hope Trump goes full Creasy Bear on all of them.

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