How many folks here live in VA?

I've lived in Northern VA since 1992. The town I live in, Vienna has changed a lot over the years, as has the whole area. I remember guys dressed in Confederate uniforms marching in the Halloween parade. Now they're changing the names of schools and roads that were named after the Confederate Generals. A lot of wealth has moved in. That house I paid $188k for in 1995 goes for $600k now, and will get immediately knocked down and replaced by a $2M 6000 sf MacMansion. If I hadn't of bought a house 25 years ag in the area, I'd be living in a townhouse in Manassass.

I hope this passes. There's a thriving gun shop in the middle of town that does transfers for $25.

One thing for sure, Governor Shoe Polish Face has no limits on gun bans.

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