Video Shows Georgia Police Officer Save Baby Who Stopped Breathing

A 6-month-old infant who was struggling to breathe was saved by a quick-thinking police sergeant in Georgia and the entire incident was caught on video.

Sgt. Harold Drummond heard the call come over the Burke County Sheriff's Office scanner and realized he was the closest officer who could respond to the call, even closer than EMS.

Despite the fact it wasn't his jurisdiction, video footage shows Drummond hop of out his car and race to the Dollar General where the infant was reportedly having trouble breathing. A second responding officer, Jose Colon, captured the moments on his on body camera.

"What you got, what you got?" Drummond can be heard asking the parents of AJ, the 6-month-old who was in distress.

AJ's father, Aerial told Drummond that "we got a baby that isn't breathing," as Aerial's aunt handed the child over to Drummond.

"As I was looking down at that baby, I was looking at my grandson. I was looking at my children." Drummond told WRDW. "I was horrified."

The Waynesboro police sergeant's training kicked in and he began to perform CPR using his fingers, getting the boy to breathe once again. Video shows the infant crying as Drummond continued the life-saving procedure until EMS arrived.

Drummond told the outlet that he would rather "look down the barrel of a gun than to look down at a baby in distress."

After AJ began breathing again, he was taken to a local hospital, and is back home with his parents and twin sister.