Convo with 62 year old never trump co worker

This guy is a 62 year old US marine who was in Beirut, did have people shoot at him he says, I do not doubt him.

So he goes into how he does not like that R senators knew Trump did wrong but would not convict him. I countered with the fact that some D Senators knew Trump was not guilty but were forced to vote guilty along party lines.

We end up talking about Medicare for all, he thinks it would be good so he can retire now. I counter with "why not just give every adult in the US over 50 $1 million in cash, I'm 56 now and I could retire with you ?". First off he says "well you could not make it with a million", I counter with some talk of earning by investing it, and we come up with being able to make $60-$70k without touching maybe I COULD make it.

Then we hit "we cannot afford that"....I counter with the fact that govt spending is in no way tethered to or attached to govt revenue from taxes. He was not buying that, I challenged him to show my any way that a govt expenditure was contingent on finding revenue to pay for it. IMHO they are two disconnected things, govt just spends, and govt just taxes, but if they do not get revenue they spend anyway.

We hit a little on corporate taxes, I asserted that if we set them at 10%, 50%, or 75% quite likely we will not change the revenue generated by corp taxes because the corp will structure around the laws so as to not pay it...he kinda was not liking that pill "I don't know if we can prove that".

I did share what some of you have shared that were suddenly subject to a tax hike, highly paid medical professionals most of you, that you just adjusted your workload so as to not earn that first dollar subject to the new higher rate.

He really really hated Trump before Trump ever ran, must have watched every TV appearance. He thinks we need a President who can bring Americans together.

Just some insight I guess, the convo was not heated in any way.


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