I got "boomered" this morning..

Back a few years ago on Subguns there was the discussion about being the "gray man" in all things, including stickers on the car, etc.

Pulled up into Lowes this morning to get the necessary garden soil/ fertilizer for the garden, and an early 20-something was out vaping as he walked toward the entrance of the store. He saw my truck with a pickle and donut sticker and a Mustang Mania (SMU) sticker. He takes the vape whatever out of his mouth and points at the back of my truck:

"What's that?"

"That's my truck"

"No, the sticker"

As I said, I only have two. One is Tom's gift he sent out a few years ago to folks, and the other is a 1970s-80s college football sticker. Not wanting to go further than needed, I chose to answer with the latter.

"That's a sticker from the college I went to years ago"

His reply at least showed he was listening...he rolled the eyes and blatted out the condemning words of youth:

"No, boomer. The other one"

I felt offended...I felt belittled...I FELT like a Democrat feels all the time. Then I thought about trying to define what that sticker was...

"Oh that is a group of internet nuts who like guns, girls and Trump... and trading stories like this one."

Apparently I struck a nerve. He told me I was "number 1" with a finger and that I would be dead soon. I hope he is right about the first one.

BTW, the truck didn't get keyed or dinged or anything of that sort. Got my items and left. But I think I failed the "gray man" test this morning.

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