Computer gurus, possible laptop for Mwilson

Don't have Mwilson's email to check if he even needs a laptop for his travels but..

I have a older Toshiba Satellite A135-s4666 that has been sitting for several years. It won't boot up and says something about no operating system? It had Vista. I would have to boot it again and get photos of the page. It has a CD drive and seem to run the Toshiba disc but thats it. I have a Toshiba disc, charger, battery seems to take and hold a charge (not sure how long it last). Overall the laptop is 99% outside. Again, this isn't a new light weight laptop.

Can any of you computer gurus install that free operating system on it for Mwilson so he could have, if he needs it, something for his travels? I would be willing to try to download the software and try to install but I am by NO means a computer expert if someone could walk me through it.

Any thoughts? I was going to trash it but if someone can help me get it working or I can mail it to them to get it working maybe it could help Mwilson.

mail: jamesrhills(the number three) .at. g thing dot ... I will be unavailable until late late afternoon, on mower/tractor.

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