Poor Nancy.

Her impeachment attempt failed miserably. Trump was fully acquitted. The attempt was a suicide charge with no guns.

She had to sit through the SOTU and ultimately show her ass as she lost her composure in 'her own house'.

Then she had to sit through the national prayer breakfast as he wrecked her as a bad person. He essentially called her a fraud and pointedly described her fraudulent religious faith professions. Sure, it was crass on Trump's part, but she deserved it.

She's running her mouth about Trump being a bad guy, while he has results - and she has nothing. You can see her impotent frustration. She hates America. She hates all Americans that do not support her move to tyranny and power.

November is coming up fast. All she's promising is more impeachment efforts. More unmitigated hate. She is devolving into a petulant child.

Again, November - she's out of a job - and in the end, will have presided over the demise of her own party as never before seen in American political history. Her own party will depose her and will put her on the curb. She will live her final days out in failure and humiliation. A fitting fate, really.

Great strategist, my ass. A deluded old bitch blinded by evil and hatred. She'll leave her party, her district - and San Francisco in shambles.

At this point, the best thing that could happen to her is to stroke the fuck out.

If she had any sentience left, she would apologiz, resign and retire.

But we see what these traitors do. They cling in desperation to the very end. McCain, Cummings, Ginsburg, Lewis...even in their painful dying, they claw any bit more damage they can do. They are the face of evil.

Enjoy watching her demise as her hate kills her. She is largely spent. Her thrashing, weeping and gnashing of teeth will be ugly.

But that's who she is.

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