another reason I reside in small town fly over America:

I really pity you dumb fucks living elsewhere

I bring in change, gal dumps it in the bank machine
there's no stealing of it, shit you don't even need an account with them
even in Duluth it was the same

So I am out in Tacoma
different deal, everyone was expected to use Change machines out on the left coast
Okay fuck you dicks
clearing out a relatives estate I ended up with over 3K just in quarters
guess what I paid for everything with including my motel, beer, cover charges at titty bars and gas
carried a crown royal bag around with like thirty bucks in quarters, regular Pirate I was

west coast dipshits called popo on me once
that was real fun
cops told me it was suspicious using quarters
I kindly told that youngster to get out of my face and call in a desk officer
it was straight out of Demolition Man for me
Four squad cars piled up by the time a Sargent arrived over paying for drinks with damn' legal tender of this United States of America
oh' I ended up drinking free the rest of that night

you fuckers who wanna think corporate ran change machines are the new normal are part of the problem
really you are most of it
I mean really, did your damn' balls ever decend
or they still stacked up right behind your little pecker like when you were six or seven.

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