Ok, True Story - related

when I was working at a "nuclear" construction site in SE New Mexico, we had a particularly bad event - one of the Tex-Mex food wagons apparently got some bad meat - or at least bad "something" ( could have been cat or rabbit, rumors were rampant) . Now this lunch wagon was popular over at the construction worker side of the site and fed 100s every day. The food resulted in some type of intestinal distress, so By late afternoon, the porta-potties were in full swing, with lines forming and the atmosphere inside from all reports almost untenable . It was so bad, they had to call the porta-pottie vendor to come out and pump and clean them all that night . the workers had some mexican ( spanish) term for it, which I of course do not remember. It was the talk of the site for several days and resulted in a big crack down on the food vendors . We just referred to it as "the blow out event".

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