Then says Obama's gains were not from Bush.

The idea can be true, you can run a country into debt in one administration only to have the next one blamed if they try to fix it. You can have an administration put policies in place that will improve things that don't get full effect until next administration. That said, Trump is the real deal and did inherit a mess. He ran on MAGA, and one way is to improve our economy. He has ran on that, pushed for that when other administrations tried to kick the can down the road and not get blamed for the hardship it would cause to fix it. Trump pulled an amazing trick, he fixed it and made gains at the same time rather than feel pain from it. He patched the holes the economy by making policy changes that keep jobs here in the U.S., make other countries pay their share of humanity efforts, etc. etc. I don't even want to think about how bad off we would have been had Hillary been successful at cheating enough to win the election.

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