New Gas Station Employee Allegedly Steals $17,000 On His First Day Of Work *Pic*

“Careful whom you hire!!,” the Hamden Police Department in Connecticut warned in a Facebook post after a gas station employee allegedly stole more than $17,000 during his first day on the job.

The suspect had been hired to work the overnight shift at a Go On Gas station in Hamden and the owner decided to check in on how he was doing. The owner used an app to review the security cameras and was concerned because he did not see the new employee.

When he went down to the station, he discovered the employee had made off with cash, lottery tickets, and merchandise, including 89 boxes of cigarettes. He also stole his employee file, which contained all of his personal information. The owner says that without those records, he is unable to identify the man.

Authorities released surveillance camera footage of the suspect and have asked the public for help identifying him.

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